Using myleo / dsc, companies manage their shipping processes much more easily and efficiently. Thanks to the travel map and real-time data, you always know when the goods will arrive at your customers.

Travel Map
Monitor all transport activities in real time with the tour map.

Multi Modal Transport Chains
Multi Modal Transportation Chains? myleo / dsc has the capability to integrate rail and ship data into the tracking process.

Hub Control
Lack of transparency regarding the turnover of your goods? myleo / dsc automatically detects when your goods are transported via a hub and presents supply chains dynamically.

Communication & Cross-linking
Real-time communications with all process participants such as drivers, freight forwarders and customers, etc.

Set new standards and stay future-proof!

Delivery quality and delivery service

Increase delivery quality and delivery service sustainably. Your customers will thank you for it. Give your B2B customers the same delivery experience that you have seen in B2C. Regardless whether you ship via CEP, FTL or LTL network. 

optimized delivery quality

more than 15%

Loading point capacity

Synchronize the overall utilization of the loading and unloading points and achieve coordinated, collaborative time window and yard control! Save costs through optimized personnel and equipment deployment, reduce demurrage and increase throughput!

increased loading capacity

more than 15%

Operating and implementation costs

Reduce your implementation and operational costs by 25% - when compared to the competition. Achieve this through standardized processes, simple and intuitive implementation tools and a transparent cost structure.

Cost reduction


TrackingTracking and Tracing

Behalten Sie Ihre Transporte und Packstücke im Blick. Stellen Sie Ihren Kunden und Warenempfängern gleichermaßen eine einfache und funktionale Sendungsverfolgung zur Verfügung. ​

Transport & order data 
Transfer all order data from your previous systems on demand.

Real-time data
myleo / dsc determines in real time the ETA and ATA (of goods/ of inbound carriers) at your location.

Supply Chain Monitoring
Proactive information on all process steps of your supply chain? Easy - with myleo / dsc and the Alert & Event Control.

TrackingBasic Functions

Punctuality status​​

Real-time tracking​​

Proof of Delivery (POD)​​


Driver App​​

​Delivery status​​

Report of delivery problems​​


Fleet map​


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