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Plan and control flows of goods and means of transport on your factory premises – Real Time Yard Management!​

Map your plant logistics in a solution integrated with your other logistics systems and thus manage an efficient and flexible yard.​

Self Check-In, Registration and departure​
Entrances and exits of trucks, swap bodies and containers​
Display all resources on one map​
Plan loading stations and control ressources on the yard​
Hardware integration (terminals & sensors)​
Status management & reporting functions​

No vision of the future - Turn your factory site into a smart yard today​

Improve efficiency through automation and increase process reliability through greater transparency.​

Logistic process management​​

Manage all logistics units (such as trucks, forklifts and goods) so that they are available at the right time and in the right place.​

Simplified management​

Use overviews and dashboards that reflect the current operational situation and consolidate information.​

Gate Management​

Check-in and check-out processes are used to control incoming and outgoing transports, flows of goods and access of persons with the help of barriers and gatekeepers.​

Time slot management​

Integration with a time slot management system enables you to control precisely by reserving scarce resources. Non-punctual means of transport or those without an appointment are managed in waiting areas.​

Resource management​

Organize and optimize the efficient use of resources for the transport of load carriers by equipment on the factory premises.​

Integration & Interfaces​

Increase the level of automation and improve process robustness through integration with warehouse, transportation, production and related systems.​

Artificial Intelligence​

Access innovative technologies and intelligent logics for the scheduling and rescheduling of time slots. Systems learn and change routines (for example, when prioritizing deliveries).​

Equipment Tracking​

With real-time tracking and real-time visualization, you enable a control center to detect deviations even from a greater distance and to intervene in ongoing processes to correct them.​

Hardware connection​

Integrate scales, sensors or camera systems and create an intelligent logistics system.​

We will make your yard smart!​

Benefit from the continuous integration of new technologies and accelerate your logistics processes like never before. Be fit for the future!

Our expertise is rooted in diversity.​ The quick-change artist also for your branch of industry.​

Digitize your processes successfully with myleo / dsc. Your industry is not yet included? Feel free to contact us!​

  • Consumer goods / Trade
  • Pharmaceutical / Chemical industry
  • Transport logistics
  • Construction site logistics
  • Automotive
  • E-Commerce

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