Linking SAP TM and myleo / dsc

Process freight orders from SAP TM transparently and consistently with all parties involved in myleo / dsc!

Linking SAP TM and myleo / dsc brings many advantages

If you plan your freight orders in SAP TM, you can now transfer them to myleo / dsc via SAP TM Standard Enterprise Service (TransportationOrderRequest_Out) to be configured, including the freight units or transport units contained. Within the scope of implementation projects, the configuration is carried out in close coordination between the your department and myleo / dsc consulting team. In myleo / dsc, the information can be viewed transparently by all process participants, if desired, and can be edited collaboratively. This brings many advantages.

If a planned freight order is available in myleo / dsc ...

  • you can transparently track selected information of the SAP TM freight order and related position information, which would otherwise often remain unknown to you in the processing by external service providers.

  • an external service provider can use the freight order as a reference and book a time slot with myleo / slot for the pick-up

  • you can store real-time data and tracking events on the freight order

  • track on-time status with myleo / tnt and react to delays or other delivery problems with real-time information

  • transfer tracking events received in myleo / dsc back to SAP TM via back-integration (TransportationEventBulkNotification_In)

  • different actors can collaborate transparently in myleo / dsc on the basis of a document and exchange information and documents on the document

  • external service providers can use myleo / dispute to open clarification cases regarding calculated freight costs

  • the dispatcher can view the current execution status of the freight order in SAP TM based on retransmitted transport events from myleo / dsc

  • you can retransmit negotiated clarification cases for shipment cost settlement to SAP TM (TransportationOrderChargeElementRequest_In). Thus in SAP TM the shipment costing and consequently the shipment costing documents as well as the resulting invoices or credit notes are updated.

You use another TMS? No problem! We would be happy to show you the integration options for your scenario in detail. Please contact us!

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