Supply Chain Control TowerKeep an eye on your supply chain

It is important for manufacturing companies to understand the influences on their supply chain - from suppliers to customers. We enable an end-2-end view, across system and process boundaries. 

Transparency and Visibility
In our Supply Chain Cockpit a wide variety of data such as alerts, maps, inventory or status are consolidated and flexibly displayed on a launchpad. 

Status and Event Management
Planned and unplanned events influence logistics processes every day. Adaptive event chains are the backbone of every control tower. With myleo / dsc they can be modeled and controlled in a granular way. 

Connectivity Service
Our Connectivity Service integrates your data sources and formats to create the appropriate database.

Set new standards and stay future-proof!


When are which goods scheduled to arrive? Can I use any loading point on the planned loading day? Put data in relation to each other and identify processes through data transparency.

“Near” Real Time Daten

Identify problems in real time and find solutions. We integrate sensor technology, telematics and backend system data to make better decisions, faster!


Artificial intelligence and machine learning help you to better understand your process data. Optimize your supplier and service provider network. Reduce throughput times and improve resource utilization in the yard.

Supply Chain Control TowerComprehensive supply chain management

New business processes require new logistics and supply chain management structures. myleo / dsc brings light into the darkness and helps your customers, suppliers and service providers to optimize their relationships.

Supplier Management 
Keep track of orders and notifications and recognise implications in the delivery process at an early stage. Where is which article located? When will it arrive? Is the container on time? Just a few This is only a small part of the questions that the Control Tower can answer!

Inventory Management
What effects does the delay in delivery have on my production process?

You can also identify missing parts in deliveries before the goods are received. 

Customer Management
Inform your customers in time and proactively about possible deviations. Gain trust through transparency!

Supply Chain Control TowerTechnology

Flexibility and high scalability to handle mass data from a wide variety of sources are basic functions of the myleo / dsc Supply Chain Control Tower. Combined with modern technologies such as AI and ML, even complex scenarios can be implemented individually.

Exchange of status information, process deviations and balances of vessel accounts are just a few collaborative examples of how information can be exchanged between all process participants with myleo/ dsc.

End-to-end supply chain monitoring enables delays to be identified and countermeasures taken if necessary. Telematics data from trucks, filling levels of containers (IBCs) or position data from railcars or ships can be easily integrated into myleo / dsc.

Learn and Understand
By using artificial intelligence and machine learning, patterns can be recognized, deviations highlighted and processes optimized. In the area of operative and strategic parameters and master data..


We will be happy to support you in your logistic and digitization projects.​

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